Table Runner

I used worsted weight wool yarn and size 4 needles for this but this is the kind of project where gauge is less important as long as you're happy with the fabric you're making. Wool is useful because it blocks well and flat table runners are nice, but wool isn't necessary. 


Sl – slip stitch

K – knit

P – purl

K2tog – knit two together

SSK – slip two stitches knitwise and then knit them together

YO – yarn over – Because you’re putting yarn overs right next to purl stitches in some cases, some of them will be like simply keeping the yarn forward and others will need an extra half wrap around the needle. Just make sure there’s a yarn over there after you’ve knit or purled the next stitch and it’ll all work out.

Seed Stitch:

P1, k1, repeat over an odd number of stitches. 

After the first row, you’ll be knitting into purl stitches and purling into knit stitches.

Cast on 77 using crochet cast on

  1. Sl1, p1, *k3, k2tog, k4, yo, p2, yo, k2tog, p2, yo, k4, ssk, k3* place marker. Starting with a purl stitch seed stitch for 25 stitches, place marker. Repeat between **, p1, k1

  2. Sl1, *p10, k2, p2, k2, p10* (this will include the first purl stitch of the seed stitches). Continue Seed Stitch to 1 stitch before the next marker. Repeat between **, k1

  3. Sl1, p1, *k2, k2tog, k4, yo, k1, p2, k2tog, yo, p2, k1, yo, k4, ssk, k2*, Seed Stitch, repeat between **, p1, k1

  4.  Repeat row 2

  5. Sl1, p1, *k1, k2tog, k4, yo, k2, p2, yo, k2tog, p2, k2, yo, k4, ssk, k1*, Seed Stitch, repeat between **, p1, k1

  6. Repeat row 2

  7. Sl1, p1, *k2tog, k4, yo, k3, p2, k2tog, yo, p2, k3, yo, k4, ssk*, Seed Stitch, repeat between ** P 1 k 1

  8. Repeat row 2

Continue until you like the length!

Cast off loosely with the standard cast off

Crochet picot edging 

  1. Put the crochet hook into the last stitch and chain 1. Double crochet into each selvedge stitch around the edge. The 8 corner stitches get 2 each to make corners. 

  2. Chain 1, double crochet 1 into next stitch, *chain 3, crochet slip stitch into 3rd chain from hook*, skip 1 stitch, double crochet 1 into next stitch, repeat from *. At the corners you will likely need to go ahead and do 2 double crochets instead of skipping a stitch.

Cast off!

Weave in your edges and block to the size you want!

You are welcome to distribute this pattern and use the ideas included and gift or sell whatever you make from it. But if you distribute it, please do so as a whole, with attribution and this info included. Thanks!

Creative Commons License This work by Suzanne Lander is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.